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Facts & Figures

Empowering Small Businesses with Big Firm Know-How.

We are a team of freelance Chartered Certified Accountants based in Ghana, dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs promptly. Our services encompass meticulous and professional Accounting, Tax, Regulatory compliance, and Payroll services, offering you a reliable foundation for making informed business and financial decisions that optimize profitability while minimizing tax liabilities.

What We Do

We deliver high-quality and valuable services in Accounting, Tax compliance, Payroll Management and Financial Reporting for individuals and businesses. Our commitment is to provide timely and accurate financial information, empowering you to make optimal decisions for sustainable business growth.”


We meticulously record and manage financial transactions and information to provide optimal support, enabling your business to grow sustainably.

Accounting Services

We offer businesses tailored and invaluable financial insights designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

Tax Services

We assist companies and individuals in navigating the intricate landscape of tax regulations, strategically minimizing their tax liabilities while ensuring full tax compliance.

Payroll Management

Experience top-notch service in the processing, administration, and oversight of staff payroll—customized to align seamlessly with your business requirements.

Quickbooks Administration

We specialize in QuickBooks, the world's most widely used accounting software, leveraging our expertise to support businesses in effectively managing their finances and keeping track of expenses, revenue, assets, and liabilities.

Management Accounting

We provide business managers with strategic advice, drawing on our extensive experience and comprehensive expertise across industries, to help them make optimal financial decisions and achieve their business goals.

Who We Are

Professional Freelance Accounting Service

Our commitment to professionalism, coupled with our extensive experience and comprehensive expertise across industries, positions us as the ideal freelance accounting and tax service firm in Ghana. Our quality, high-value service, and our holistic approach to Accounting, Tax, and Financial Reporting cater to your specific needs. We deliver timely and accurate financial and business information, empowering you to make optimal decisions for the sustainable growth of your business.